Dr. Z+ Skin Peeling Set Beauty moniquedummystore
Dr. Z+ Skin Peeling Set Beauty moniquedummystore
Dr. Z+ Skin Peeling Set Beauty moniquedummystore
Dr. Z+ Skin Peeling Set Beauty moniquedummystore Dr.Z+ Lactobionic Acid
Dr. Z+ Skin Peeling Set Beauty moniquedummystore Dr.Z+ Exfoliating Mousse

Dr. Z+ Skin Peeling Set

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Give Your Skin The Love And Care It Deserves

Cleaning your skin with soap and water is not enough to clear away the layer of dead skin, you need to exfoliate your skin regularly to get back the soft and smooth skin. Good news! Dr. Z+ Skin Peeling Set is now here to get rid of those dead skin cells. It gently exfoliates your precious skin leaving it remarkably soft and revitalized!

This skin peeling set contains ingredients that effectively moisturize the skin to provide a smooth and glow skin texture. It also keeps your skin protected, increases skin regeneration and creates a full youthful skin by promoting new tissue growth. Now you can flaunt a younger, healthy skin no matter your age! 


  • Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells And Improves Skin Tone:
    Dramatically improves skin's texture for radiant youthful even-toned skin. Mimics the natural exfoliation process of younger skin by helping it shed extra layers.

  • Hydrate, Brighten & Smooth Fine Lines:
    Our unique, non-abrasive exfoliant is gentle enough for daily use on all skin types. Exfoliates dead skin cells while it visibly reduces fine lines & wrinkles.

  • Say Goodbye To Dull, Dry Skin:
    Our premium skin peeling set removes daily build up so your face can heal and look radiant again. It helps gently polish away damaged skin, renewing it resulting in a younger looking skin.

  • Anti-inflammatory And Soothing Effect:
    Plants derived BHA ingredients and allantoin soothe the skin and treat inflammation.

  • Rebalancing Skin Ph Level:
    Lactobionic Acid, a natural moisturizing factor extracted from milk, rebalances the skin pH.

  • Rejuvenated Skin:
    Promotes natural tissue growth which improves skin elasticity. 

  • For All Skin Types:
    This peeling set is suitable
    for all skin types including normal, oily, combination & dry.


  • Dr.Z+ Lactobionic Acid 
    Volume: 10ml
  • Dr.Z+ Exfoliating Mousse
    Volume: 100ml

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Dr. Z+ Skin Peeling Set ( Dr.Z+ Lactobionic Acid and Dr.Z+ Exfoliating Mousse)
  • or  1 x Dr.Z+ Lactobionic Acid 
  • or 1 x  Dr.Z+ Exfoliating Mousse